Sunday 6th July 2008 vs Pacific C.C.
Pacific Play Straight to Victory
Washington C.C. 221 for 8 (35 overs)
Pacific C.C. 226 for 3 (31.3 overs)
The Washington’s 7 match winning streak came to an end on Sunday when they were beaten by traditional rivals Pacific. In a competitive game Pacific came out on top by 7 wickets due to their superior batting strength.

When the teams assembled for the game at 2pm it seemed possible that the game might be abandoned. It had been raining steadily for 45 minutes and the pitch was beginning to look soggy. But then the rain ceased and the sun came out. A 35 over game was agreed between captains, Pacific won the toss and chose to field.

Wash skipper Paul Irons opened up with Don Campbell (31) and Pete Demitri (27). Both played quite aggressively taking advantage of some short boundaries and the score rattled on to 50 after only 6 overs. Both openers then fell and the scoring rate slowed as Aff Naseem (36) and Steve Brown (18) tried hard with success to rebuild the innings. They advanced to 133 for 2 in the 23rd over and had built a solid foundation.

But then three wickets fell very quickly, Chris Davis also going for a duck, and 141 for 5 did not look so good. The Washington players need not have worried however as Paul Irons (52*) hit one of his characteristic knocks. He completing his half century in no time with ten 4s and a 6, aided by the relatively short boundary on one side of the wicket. Irons was supported by 12 from Elliott Bromley and 3 from Max Murrain, but Peter Kloss (0) failed to score.

The Wash finished their 35 overs on 221 for 8. Extras at 42 (19 byes, 15 wides) were particularly high. This seemed a competitive score.

During a tea of vegetable curry and rice (again), it began to rain again and the restart was delayed for a short time. The rain then eased and the game began in light drizzle which did continue for the first 40 minutes or so of the Pacific innings and certainly did put the bowlers at some disadvantage. The wet ball was difficult to handle and the wet nullified any swing which might have been on offer.

Pacific started steadily against the bowling of Max Murrain (1-31) and Eric Stoughton (0-42), and reached 54 for 1 after 10 overs. Damien Bastick (0-19) and Peter Kloss (0-43) tried without success but Paul Irons (1-48) did make a breakthrough bowling the dangerous Pacific no.3 with a corker. However by this time the batting side were up with the required run rate, and victory was in their sights. Indeed all the Pacific players on show batted well, with good technique and confidence; they certainly seemed a cut above what Washington had been able to muster.

It was only a matter of time as Pacific continued their assured progress. This was despite Irons rotating the bowling frequently, and some great Wash ground fielding, particularly from Irons himself who set an excellent example to his team. Peter Demitri (1-16) and Chris Davis (0-15) also had a go, but to little effect. Pacific reached their target with 3.3 overs to spare. Pacific’s Atkin carried his bat for

Captain Irons said after the game “we were unlucky today to come up against a really strong batting side. Well done to the guys for sticking with it, especially in the rain.”

Washington: Pete Demitri, Don Campbell (+), Aff Naseem, Steve Brown, Chris Davis, Paul Irons (c), Elliott Bromley, Peter Kloss, Max Murrain, Damien Bastick, Eric Stoughton

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Player Runs How out
Pete Demetri 27 Caught
Donald Campbell 31 Caught
Aff Naseem 36 Caught
Steve Brown 18 Caught
Chris Davis 0 Caught
Paul Irons 52* 
Elliott Bromley 12 Run Out
Peter Kloss 0 Caught
Max Murrain 3 Run Out
Damien Bastick 0* 
Did Not Bat
Eric Stoughton
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 49 Pete Demetri  &  Donald Campbell
2 25 Donald Campbell  &  Aff Naseem
3 59 Aff Naseem  &  Steve Brown
4 0 Aff Naseem  &  Chris Davis
5 8 Aff Naseem  &  Paul Irons
6 47 Paul Irons  &  Elliott Bromley
7 1 Paul Irons  &  Peter Kloss
8 16 Paul Irons  &  Max Murrain
9 16 * Paul Irons  &  Damien Bastick

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Paul Irons 1 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Max Murrain 5.3 0 31 1
Eric Stoughton 7.0 0 42 0
Damien Bastick 3.0 0 19 0
Peter Kloss 6.0 0 43 0
Paul Irons 7.0 0 48 1
Pete Demetri 2.0 0 16 1
Chris Davis 1.0 0 15 0