Aussies : Over the years, the Wash has attracted a variety of players from various parts of the world, with Australians (especially from Adelaide) forming the bulk. And he have had players from some less likely cricketing sources :
KIWIS : The most recent New Zealander was John Hyde-Smith, though a number have played in the past. The most notable have been Dave Woodham, John Robinson, Brian Bayly. Other include the Barnden brothers, Dave and Jim, Cody, and someone called Andy, who bowled underarm in the Indoor League and was as modestly endowed with manual digits as Terry Tidey.
OTHERS : The Wash can boast 2 players of Iranian origin, Reza Afshar and Shahram Hariri, and one from Iraq, Bill Al Khatib (aka Ronnie Iraqi.) Johnny Manchev's family hails from Bulgaria. We have had fewer West Indians than we would have liked, though Taran Persaud hails from Guyana, the late Nick Nicholson was from Jamaica, Les Nelson too, and current player, Courtney Chatterton, is a Barbadian by birth. The Sachania brothers' family was from East Africa.