Season - 2018

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Crouch End Calthorpe C.C.
Strongroom C.C.
April's match manager is Matthew Cragoe.
Telephone: 0207 272 5650 or 07952 058 777
Latest Match Report
Sunday 17th September 2017 V's Ickenham C.C.
Wash edged out in thriller
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CLUBMAN VOTES: The Clubman Award is presented at the Club Dinner on 3rd February. It is recognition of outstanding contribution to the Washington CC on and/or off the field, and can be for recent service or over the long term. No-one is allowed to win Clubman more than once - this is to encourage all members to contribute to the life of the club. Past winners include: Aff, Cragoe, Hilly, Guru, Smooth, Glucky, Russ, Kiwi, Klossy, Ash, Tobes, Fogs, Stu, Gary Evans & myself. I've received a few votes already but would like to lock down the nominee by MONDAY 15TH LATEST. Remember ANYONE can win it except past winners. As they say in Chicago: vote early, vote often! Text or WhatsApp to 07855 363 916 or email

Luke Mitchell
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Amazing game - Ickenham - September 2014
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Washington Cricket Club play out of the The Washington, England's Lane, Hampstead, London (nearest tube is Belsize park).
Washington Cricket Club are a fun cricket club who play hard but enjoy the cricket.
Washington Cricket Club's home ground is in North Middlesex CC, Park Rd, N8, which is near Alexandria palace.
Washington Cricket Club tour regularly and play cricket at Lords over winter.
Washington Cricket Club net at Lords before the season and enjoy a good drinking session to catch up on news.
If you are intereseted in playing for Washington Cricket Club, call Luke on 07855 363 916.