Sunday 17th June 2007 vs Vagabonds C.C.
Vagabonds No Threat
Vagabonds C.C. 125 all out
Washington C.C. 127 for 2

There was a very easy win for Washington CC in Hampshire on Sunday. The team bowled and fielded well to dismiss the Vagabonds for 125, and then Man of the Match George Hope stepped up and smashed 107 unbeaten runs to deliver an emphatic victory.

Skipper Shawn Hill won the toss on an warm and overcast afternoon. He elected to bowl on a good looking wicket, much to the surprise of the Vags. With Rob Tidey (0-17) and Dominic Butcher (3-17) opening the bowling it quickly became apparent that the pitch was slow and that the ball would swing under the cloud cover. However it was not until Kloss (3-27) came on that the extent of the swing available became apparent. Kloss does not bowl quickly but he usually swings the ball away from the right-hander and on this day most balls were moving several feet. Max Murrain (2-32) from the other end also bowled well to trouble the batsmen.

Vagabonds were going along reasonably well at 82 for 2 after 20 overs, but a real collapse then ensued with the last 8 wickets being lost for only 43 runs. Shawn Hill (1-8), Terry Tidey (1-15) and David Gluckman (0-3) also bowled, but it was when Butcher returned and took 3 wickets in two overs that the innings was wrapped up. Vagabonds never came to terms with the accuracy and movement in the air in the Washington's bowling.

When Washington batted George Hope (107*) took the bowling to task as he often has occaision to do. He struck 7 sixes and 8 fours in a 56 ball 107 not out. This was brutal batting against bowling which was not the best. Hope even succeeded in striking a horse in an adjacent field – the RSPCA were called but George got off on a technicality (he is already a Convict).

The other batsmen very much played second fiddle to Hope. Aff Naseem (5), Andrew Wilson (8) and David Gluckman (2*) all hung around for a while but this was Hope's innings and it was fitting he completed his century the ball before hitting the winning boundary. The innings was not chanceless however, Hope skying one or two catches to the outfield when (as usual) taking the aerial route for runs. Sadly for Vagabonds they were unable to capitalise, dropping the opportunities.

Wash achieved their target in only 19.3 overs and the match was over 10 minutes after 6 pm.

Skipper Shawn Hill said “Games like this are easy to captain. The bowlers worked hard today in favourable conditions and got just reward. Hope's innings speaks for itself. 107 from a total of 127 is an incredible statistic. Well done to everyone. ”

Man of the match: George Hope

Packing the kit: The horse, for stupidly getting in the way of a George Hope struck ball

Washington: George Hope, Aff Naseem, Andrew Wilson, David Gluckman, Rob Tidey, John Roche(+), Shawn Hill (capt.), Max Murrain, Terry Tidey, Peter Kloss, Dominic Butcher

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Player Runs How out
George Hope 107* 
Aff Naseem 5 Caught
Andrew Wilson 8 Caught
David Gluckman 2* 
Did Not Bat
Robert Tidey
John Roche
Shawn Hill
Max Murrain
Terry Tidey
Peter Kloss
Dominic Butcher
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 23 George Hope  &  Aff Naseem
2 63 George Hope  &  Andrew Wilson
3 41 * George Hope  &  David Gluckman

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
John Roche - 1 -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Robert Tidey 6.0 2 17 0
Dominic Butcher 7.0 1 17 3
Peter Kloss 11.0 1 27 3
Max Murrain 5.0 0 32 2
Shawn Hill 3.0 1 8 1
Terry Tidey 4.2 0 15 1
David Gluckman 1.0 0 3 0