Sunday 28th May 2017 vs Follies Farm Old Spots C.C.
A Soggy Sunday in Surrey
Follies Farm Old Spots C.C.
Washington C.C.
'A Soggy Sunday in Surrey'

by Scoop le Fix

It never rains in Surrey

Or so the locals say

Except when Washington CC

Turn up and want to play

Then the heavens open

And lightning wracks the sky

Thunder rolls from hill to hill

And not a soul stays dry

Sunday's game at Follies Farm

Indeed got underway

But soon the weather intervened

And promptly halted play

Washington were in the field

And all was going well

The Farm were 81-6

When that first raindrop fell

Alex Britten; Andrew Gibbs;

Richard Creed all struck,

And in the slips the Kiwi crouched

And a brace of catches stuck

The skipper, though, shone brightest

In Sunday’s bowling spree

Hurtling in ‘neath glowering skies

Max Murrain took three.

But then the rain began to fall

And cricket was no more

So weather was the winner

(you’ve heard that one before!)

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Player Runs How out
Did Not Bat
Mike Egan
Tony Harris
Andrew Gibbs
Alex Britten
Richard Creed
Tom Brotherhood
Keith Williams
Richard Brown
Nick Kripps
Toby Mariner
Max Murrain
Wkt Runs Batsmen
1 0 * Mike Egan  &  Tony Harris

Player Cts Wkt Cts Stmps
Tony Harris 2 - -
Player Overs Mdns Runs Wkts
Max Murrain 6.0 3 15 3
Richard Creed 6.0 1 11 1
Alex Britten 2.0 0 9 1
Andrew Gibbs 4.0 0 18 1